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With removable wheels, the CITY 2 PLUS can instantly be reduced to 3 manageable pieces with the heaviest piece wieghing only 40 lbs. Built for ultimate adjustability, it features expandable seating, leg rest, joystick and a 135 degree reclining back. Plus, the contoured seats and hydraulic shocks ensure a comfortable ride all while holding up to 395 lbs.

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The cricket weighs just as much as the CITY 2 PLUS disassembled yet lacks several of the comfort and performance features you'd expect. Smaller front and rear wheels also impact maneuverability and may lead to a bumpy ride on rough terrain. A much shorter range of only 9.3 miles may require charging multiple times especially when traveling.

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$2999OR96.76 /Month
  • imageHolds up to 395 lbs
  • imageMax Speed 4.5 mph (5-Speed)
  • imageRange 15.5 Miles
  • image115° Reclining Back
  • imageExpandable Seating 19" - 23.5"
  • imageRemovable Wheels (reduces to 40 lbs)
  • imageAdjustable Footrest
  • imageAdjustable Joystick
  • image2 Year Warranty on Drive Train/Motor
  • image8" Front Wheels
  • image12" Rear Wheels
  • imageContoured 3" Thick Seat
  • image2 Batteries Included
  • image20" Back Rest Cushion
  • imageNet Weight 58 lbs
  • imageCup Holder Included


  • imageHolds up to 300 lbs
  • imageMax Speed 3.7 mph (5-Speed)
  • imageRange 9.3 Miles
  • imageNo Recline
  • imageFixed Seating Width
  • imageo Removable Wheels
  • imageNo Adjustable Footrest
  • imageNo Adjustable Joystick
  • image13 Month Warranty on Drive Train/Motor
  • image7" Front Wheels
  • image8.5" Rear Wheels
  • image1.25" Seat
  • image1 Battery Only
  • image17" Back Rest Cushion
  • imageNet Weight 39.3 lbs
  • imageCup Holder NOT Included

All information is gathered from and is accurate as of March 2023.

Customer Testimonials

Kind of Cool!

We are back from Cape Breton and the travel buggy performed well. I used the buggy through Toronto airport and right up to the plane door.

Barbara N.

The chair has allowed me freedom and independence

I wanted the chair to give me mobility to go shopping, using the chair from my car, and taking the chair with me when flying. The chair meets all of these requirements and has allowed me freedom and independence.

Alder C.

The Travel Buggy is incredible!

I have the City model and it’s AWESOME!! It truly is as lightweight, easily-compactible, and versatile as the website says! I’ve taken it all over Edmonton, and even took it onto hiking trails (some paved, some not) in Jasper!

Rosie T.

It was local and amazingly affordable

For long excursions such as the Edmonton Comic Expo, a regular wheelchair just couldn’t cut it with having to wheel myself or having someone else wheel me around. Just didn’t seem right.

Lee W.

Thanks again for your help!

I couldn’t get to class independently on a regular basis; I had to rely on friends to push me through the snow. This chair has helped a lot. Having the Travel Buggy means I can be a lot more independent, and takes away some of the stress of planning out my days to figure out who can help get me to class!

Ali I.
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