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From coast to coast we have thousands of happy Travel Buggy customers, each with their own unique story. We are so proud to have helped our loyal customers regain their independence. See some of these stories here.

Customized Travel Buggy

5 stars
This photo is a shining example of how a little customization can go a long way in making something truly your own. The customer pictured here has taken our Travel Buggy CITY 2 PLUS and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind hot pink stunner. The Travel Buggy CITY 2 PLUS is already a fantastic mobility aid, featuring a lightweight design and easy maneuverability that make it perfect for navigating city streets and crowded areas. But with the addition of a fresh coat of pink paint, this customer has taken their travel experience to the next level.

Denise, AB

I was able to travel to San Francisco from Canada with my family because of Travel Buggy.

5 stars
Without you I wouldn’t have been able to go on all the excursions & make wonderful memories with my family. Thank you Travel Buggy ❤️

Angela B.

My wife’s travel buggy has given her back some freedom, and makes going out together much easier.

5 stars
She is also impressed by the ability it has on rough terrain.

Lee R

Thanking God for leading me to get the Dash Travel Buggy when I did.

5 stars
Really appreciate everything about it. Works amazing in tight spaces, like elevators, easy to fold, lots of onboard storage, and the power to do inclines.

Marilyn W.

My Travel Buggy has given me the freedom to go anywhere again.

5 stars
I love my Travel Buggy, my back injury makes it ext difficult to walk any distance at all. The ease of setting up the new model is quicker than before.

George S.

The Travel Buggy has solved both problems! It’s made very well and is very comfortable!!!

5 stars
I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and am in constant, chronic pain, thereby making it very hard to walk. I had a Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair for the past few years, but it would get stuck a lot and I had to rely on my husband to push me.

Melody C.

I used my travel buggy to kosovo and back to Vancouver island.

5 stars
It was a priceless part of my trip providing mobility over sidewalks, on cobblestones through airports, in monasteries and shopping.

Sharon B.

I am able to spend time doing things with my family

5 stars

Claudia L.

Love my new chair. Customer service is top notch.

5 stars

Joseph K.

My Travel Buggy has been a great addition to my life, it allows me to do much more than before and I have enjoyed many outings that I would not have been able to participate in before.

5 stars

Louise T.

I was able to travel on gravel and grass, looking forward to using it on an upcoming cruise

5 stars

Rhonda S.

We went to Quebec City and the buggy was awesome managed hills great no problems it gave me great opportunity to sightsee

5 stars

Linda H.

Love being able to get out again without adding to my pain. Having hEDs and CFS the chair has been monumental in my physical and mental health

5 stars

Amethyst K.

It is awesome. Went to Costco with it today.

5 stars
Recently received my Travel Buggy. Very easy to load and unload from vehicle. Just like your video. It is so easy to operate. All your advertising and videos. are spot on. No falsies anywhere. I love this chair. Planning to purchase another for my wife. 5 Stars all the way. There isn't a Better product on the market.

Mark Y.

I was able to take my dog for a walk at an RV Park near Tombstone Arizona.

5 stars
I like to use it on paths that are somewhat rough. The large wheels help in these off road situations. When in loose gravel it is sometimes necessary for someone to push or put downward pressure on the rear wheels.

John O.

I can cruise the neighborhood and do some visiting.

5 stars

Steven N.

Great! helpful! made me independent

5 stars

Talwinder G.

We have just purchased the Travel Buggy and are very happy with how easy it is to use.

5 stars
The buggy has given my husband more freedom as his ability to walk has declined significantly. It has also meant that we can go out for lovely, long walks together now. I remove the wheels in order to get the buggy in the car and we are good to go.

William S.

It’s very easy to get around small spaces

5 stars

Sherry B.

I love the comfort and utility of the Travel Buggy.

5 stars
It lets me get out and explore places that otherwise may not be accessible to me.

Cathy M.

My buggy has allowed me to go watch my grandchildren participate in sports

5 stars

Jim M.

Having the travel buggy has enabled me to be able to go anywhere shopping now.

5 stars

Cathy G.

Love the freedom of the travel buggy.

5 stars
As well as getting to medical appointments and going shopping in style, I've taken it with me on three major trips to see friends and family - California, Ontario, and Western Canada. It folds and we can lift it easily into a motorhome storage compartment, or I can roll up the van ramp and turn around in the space inside. I like the tight turning radius, and the bigger wheels let me be mobile on camping trips in rougher terrain.

Phil B.

I used it for the first time at SeaWorld Orlando.

5 stars
My son was able nicely stored it in the van and pull it out with ease. Used it all day nearly 9 hours and the battery held up. The two biggest challenges that we have had are portability and the battery life. It meets both of my requirements. It is definitely the best that I have seen so far. I have seen many different scooters and wheel chair. The buggy by far is my favorite.

Cuong L.

Visited canada-us peace arch border in bc

5 stars

Anil K.

My mother has a new sense of freedom since we bought her the travel buggy.

5 stars
She absolutely loves it and so do we.

Nikola B.

Amazing! I can go out with friends again.

5 stars
I use a large power wheelchair, but it won't fit in anyone's vehicle, but with this it fits in vans and car trucks with no problems. I love this wheelchair. I'm a big person and I'm comfortable, plus rides great.

J Manery

I was able to take my dog for a walk again. Thanks, Travel Buggy!

5 stars

Wendyan W.

I wish I had found it years ago.

5 stars
I have been able to get to our cottage with the aide of my Travel Buggy.

Doug F.

My wife and I love our Travel Buggy.

5 stars
We are now able to go to the large entertainment areas of Myrtle Beach, SC, and we can travel throughout the entire venue without suffering pain from walking long distances.

Michael A.

My husband loves his Travel Buggy.

5 stars
The fact that it compacts so nicely was one of the main reason we ordered one.l In fact it will fit in the smallest of our BMW sports car trunk. It also fits nicely in the outside storage bins of our Airstream travel trailer. The buggy allows us to go down trails that otherwise were off limits to us. All we are very happy with it.

Clair O.

Thank-you Travel Buggy for making it possible to travel and watch my Grandchildren play baseball in Western Canada and the U.S.A.

5 stars
This is my 2nd Travel Buggy [Had the City model first and now I have the Dash Ultra Lite] and as a result I’m ”free to roam around the country”. It allows me to load and unload into/out of my car with ease.

Don P.

Wonderful experience.

5 stars
We were able to go to an outdoor market with ease.

Reg M.

It was very convenient and I love it.

5 stars
Saves time and easy to manage

Susan E.

Absolutely love it.

5 stars
More independence. Put me in and I'm gone.

Shelley P.

So easy to fold and unfold

5 stars
It is so easy to load in the car and takes up very little room.

Inger W.

The travel buggy is giving me the independence I thought I had lost.

5 stars

Dan B.

Comfortable and easy to use

5 stars

Jora C.

Makes trips to hospital much easier.

5 stars

Trevor C.

I have only used the chair a couple of times but it's been very easy to use.

5 stars

Dean S.

It’s my first travel in my whole life! I was on Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!

5 stars
Thank you Travel Buggy for this smooth, powerful and user friendly powerchair!

Mehrdad R.

My Travel Buggy has improved my ability to get around drastically.

5 stars
My family appreciates having it. I use my travel buggy regularly. I use it for appointments, shopping, and other outings. The more I use it, the more comfortable I feel using it in tight spaces. It is very easy to use. It is also quite comfortable. I was able to attend a convention and sit comfortably in it for about 8 hours. Recently I was able to go to a local you pick and pick raspberries with my wife. I would not have been able to do this without my travel buggy. Thank you!!

Denis W.

Travel Buggy Train

5 stars
My husband is 86 years old and walks, but he has difficulty walking long distances due to his right leg, and right hip. We used our Travel Buggy to pull our combined weight of 410 lbs or 186 kilograms. We were able to enjoy Hollywood Beach because of our wonderful Buggy.

Lise C., QC

Had our Buggy's since 2018 and traveled a lot!

5 stars
Both of us have had our Travel Buggy's since 2018. We have taken Cruises with our Travel Buggy's. We both are so thankful to have the freedom to do things that we would not have been able to do. Even day to day, we use them to go shopping, have a ride a round the park.

My husband has been on crutches for 11 years, because he can't bear weight on his left foot, he now has shoulder problems because of being on the crutches so long. I have back and leg problems and can't walk or stand long. So our Travel Buggy's are our freedom!

Love them truly!

Here is a picture of Brian and I in Mexico

Brian & Leonna G.

Travelled to Norway!

5 stars
Thanks a lot you have allowed me to experience good times with my grandchildren who live in Norway

Louise P.

Overall this chair has been a life changer

5 stars
What a pleasure it was to have on vacation. I was rolling around on the boardwalk with the freedom of everyone else that was walking. The feeling of freedom and not depending on anyone was such a wonderful feeling.

I have had people stop me to ask where I got my chair because the maneuverability it unlike anything they have ever seen. I can turn around easily with very little space and take turns very easily.

The batteries lasted a couple of days even though I was trolling the boardwalk and it is so easy to charge that it really would not have mattered.

Overall this chair has been a life changer and the customer service has been wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more.

Dawn M., New York

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

5 stars
I have limited mobility due to a progressive motor neuron disease causing leg spasticity and poor balance. I was using a walker but my walking speed was quite slow, limiting the distance I could travel without getting tired out. I started considering wheelchairs and fortunately found the Dash Lite just as it was being introduced to the marketplace. I received it in the fall of 2020 and it has met all my expectations. It is light, compact, comfortable, and maneuverable.

I can now go on extended shopping trips or long excursions with my wife or grandkids and keep up with them. (If I put the Dash in third gear they have to keep up with me.) I recently used it to go to a Blue Jays game and it worked out great and the accessible seating area they have is awesome!!

We are planning our first trip by air shortly and I'm anxious to see how it works out.

Thanks Travel Buggy for giving me the freedom to get out and about again!

Larry C.

Great for walks

5 stars
I use my travel buggy when I go for a walk. I push it like I did with a walker but when I need a break I turn it on and keep going. No need to sit and wait to catch my breath.

Here is a picture of my sister and I enjoying the waterfront trail.

Ditte V.

Love my new DASH!

5 stars
Hi Travel Buggy! I am happy to tell you that I now have the DASH ultra light wheelchair and I love it. I really appreciate your help getting the wheelchair to me so I could try it out. Very pleasant to deal with.

I hope you and your company continue to prosper.

Irene M.

Made our stay in Italy easy

5 stars
My husband purchased the Travel Buggy with travel in mind and it’s been great. No trouble at airport at either end and it’s made our stay in Italy easy!

Barbara M.

Ta Da! Joy Stickin’ Gramma

5 stars
With thanks to Jeannie, With thanks to Travel Buggy

With thanks to Ingenuity, With thanks to Engineering

With thanks to your Teachers, With thanks to your Families

And ...

With thanks to “Mario Kart”

Lee C.

We liked it so much we bought a second one!

5 stars
We ordered a Travel Buggy for our daughter and when we got it set up we liked it so much we bought a second one for me. The Travel Buggy's are super well built and the customer service is awesome.

They are very well built and should last a long time with proper use and care. They allow us to explore the areas of camp grounds we visit and the river walk in our home town. The Buggy is easy to fold and the travel bag makes it so easy to load in the back of our mini-van.

I would recommend the unit to everyone.

Charles D.

We both love it.

5 stars
My husband recently had an amputation. The travel buggy is easily maneuverable for me to load into our mini van. It has helped keep life our as normal as we can. He can easily get around our neighborhood and go shopping with me. We both love it.

Sharon K.

Overall a great purchase and looking forward to independent travel.

5 stars
I just travelled to Tampa via Edmonton, Toronto, Newark and two different airlines. The chair was well accepted and staff handled it perfectly. One thing that would be a good accessory would be a bag to put the charger, controls and batteries in when you remove to board the plane. I purchased one the will hopefully work. As the components are all necessary. I’m able to get it in and out of vehicles 🚗 with a bit of effort. Overall a great purchase and looking forward to independent travel.

Stephen P.

I find it very comfortable

5 stars
I have had my travel buggy about three weeks and I LOVE IT.

As a plus size person I find it very comfortable (especially with my additional cushion) and roomy. I am slowly mastering the art of joystick drivng...; hahaha it has been a bit of a challenge, yet I am improving daily. Today I had to navigate a construction zone with temporary pedestrian walkways that are far from smooth, and there was a huge incline in one area. But my City handled it all with flying colours.

I am loving that some of my independence is being restored thanks to my Travel Buggy. She is definitely my new travel buddy!!

Tamara B.

This thing is built like a tank!

5 stars
When my grand-son, who is ex-military saw the Buggy his remarks was, ‘this thing is built like a tank’. From my perspective that’s a good description. My first run with the Travel Buggy was along one of the trails in my area that provided a variety of conditions from hard parked surfaces to some loose gravel. Absolutely no problems in controlling the Buggy. It responded to all my demands on the controller without hesitation. It takes a little practice in getting the Buggy in and out of my SUV and in order to ensure that I do not have any difficulties I ordered a set of the ramps. The ramps do make a difference.

The Travel Buggy is a delight to drive and makes life so much easier. I've spoken with a couple of owners of Mobility Scooters who told me they wish they had known about the Travel Buggy before they invested in their present unit. I’ve done six runs with my Buggy, so far, and am amazed at how little the battery has gone down.

Jack K.

If you are thinking of buying a chair, I highly recommend this Company

5 stars
In April I decided to buy a (City) Travel Buggy….I ordered it on Amazon. It arrived in a matter of days…It was well protected and was in perfect condition. My Wife helped me to get it set up and operating…of course I had all kinds of questions. I was contacted by Paul at Travel Buggy via email in short order…I can’t say enough about how he took each one of my and answered them in easy to understand language…I wanted a bunch of bells and whistles and he advised me as to whether or not I should buy them in the beginning…He wanted me to use the chair for a little while to see if i really needed a particular add on. At one point he quested whether or not I really needed a “Programer”…He said as long as you know that you can’t get it to go any faster…I answered that I understood….I don’t recommend for the average user that he needs a “programmer”

I live in an Apartment Building, so last night I was out in the hall practicing backing up…It’s one thing to go forward but backing up takes a little skill . It’s well made machine and so far has worked flawlessly.

If you are thinking of buying a chair, I highly recommend this Company…The products they sell are well made and should last for a long time….I am hitting 80 years old in sept and I figure I have at least another 10 years before they take away my chair…Look at the Queens' husband…he was still driving and he was in his high nineties!

Robert G.

I am able to get together with some coffee buddies downtown

5 stars
Since purchasing the Travel Buggy my life has changed to the point of my ability to get around on my own. I am able to get together with some coffee buddies downtown. I also have the ability now to get around our neighborhood and talking with the neighbors. The freedom is great.

We traveled thanks to the light weight of the chair. It was very easy to load and unload, sometimes my wife could do it by herself. We had taken a 5 day trip and never had to charge the batteries, and then another trip that was a 4 day again no charge this was on heavy grass and gravel . Both trips I was asked all about the chair, spent time explaining what I could about it. I did demonstrate how easy it was to fold and set-up. They were all very impressed. A number of them indicated that they would be chatting with their parents and or their spouse.

Shawn C.

It's the best thing that I ever bought my man!

5 stars
The Travel Buggy have been a blessing it gives my love one a chance to enjoy life in the great outdoors. It's the best thing that I ever bought my man cause we can enjoy a lot of time together outside travelling. We've travelled around our own Province and we had a wonderful time. The Travel Buggy made our travels much easy my man could go where ever I went. Love the product.

Valerie B.

Took it on a cruise to Alaska!

5 stars
I could not be without my Travel Buggy. It picks up where I leave off. I can walk for short distances only. For longer distances I rely on my trusty buggy. I am so often stopped by people who ask me where I got my buggy from. I'm sure the team must have received many enquires. I have been rolling around in my chair since early 2018 and she's still rolling. Never a problem. I remember being very intimidated by her at first, thought I'd never get the hang of the joystick. Oh you should see me now, such freedom of movement. My Travel Buggy travelled by air to B.C. where we boarded a ship and cruised to Alaska. I was able to be totally independent and free to wander the ship at leisure. Disembarking and sight seeing was easy. On our return to BC we did a lot of sightseeing in Vancouver. My travel buggy took me on ferries and buses. It fit in the back of taxis. When COVID is behind us we plan to travel to Hawaii. I can't wait.

Sonia T.

Winter Walks

5 stars
Weight is light for all to lift. Very happy with it. Note, be careful going down hills, use the low gear (for all new owners).

Virginia H.

Outings I had to make for appointments really showed the value of my Travel Buggy

5 stars
Unfortunately due to covid we didn't travel yet but the outings I had to make for appointments really showed the value of my Travel Buggy chair. The ease of taking it out and putting it back in our vehicle has made it so easy for my husband and my cousin. They absolutely love the fact that it is one piece and I love the maneuverability of it.

Claudia L.

The independence and freedom the Travel Buggy has brought back to our lives is fantastic

5 stars
Dear Travel Buggy, My name is Carmen and about two weeks ago my husband got a travel buggy city. Troy is a quadratic and has been confined to a wheelchair for more than 34 years. In the past he has had power scooters and they were great, in that they gave home the ability to go places around home he could not before. The drawback of course was the size and portability. Troy is a car nut and the idea of having to move into a wheelchair accessible van would have been a huge blow for him to absorb. Approximately 5 years ago Troy developed arthritis in his shoulders and arm joints, limiting his ability to get around. We both love the outdoors and this was a great frustration for him. Since he has received the travel buggy Troy has been out to the edge of our lawn for only the third time in a house we have lived in for 10 years, we were also able to go to Kejimikujik National park for the day exploring trails all over for a total of 12 kms. We go out on local trails and walking paths 3-5 days a week. The independence and freedom the Travel Buggy has brought back to our lives is fantastic. We both wanted to express our appreciation for the product and say a huge thank you for giving Troy back that freedom. Attached are some pics of our explorations. Thank you once again

Troy and Carmen C.

Travel Buggy checked all the boxes!

5 stars
I had bought other electric items to put on my manual wheelchair previously, to try and make it "power assisted", as I have various limitations and I needed a chair that could fit in the car (without adaptations or changing to a bigger car), that we could get into our basement apartment AND that I could use by myself even with my low stamina and dislocating shoulders. The 2 other systems I tried were a failure and it was disheartening, after so much hope. And then I found the Travel Buggy. I was ready to be disappointed once more, but it checked all the boxes! It's been over a year now and I still haven't found a problem. It's even got a hidden pro: it sits high, so I feel more like I'm with people when using it than in my manual wheelchair! I finally can go places by myself and not need someone with me to roll me around (let me tell you, going to a work meeting with your mom because you need someone to push the wheelchair is not great for self-esteem... I'm 40 and she's in her 70s!). I call mine "Dan Buggy"

Annie-Danielle G.

Fits perfectly in the trunk of our vehicle

5 stars
It has given me back my independence. The ability to explore and engage with family and friends, indoors and out, has given my such joy. My grandson loves my new ride. We have used it camping and at the cabin. It fits perfectly in the trunk of our vehicle. It is light enough for my husband to handle.

Lyn H.

I take my Travel Buggy through the Rocky Mountain Parks

5 stars
Wow the best chair ever. My travel buggy had brought me a smile every time I get in it. Going from inside to outside no matter what the obstacles have been my buggy has brought me there. Love it. Thank you. I take my buggy threw the Rocky Mountain Parks. Riding trails and off road on light terrain has no issues. Folds up in the back of my car and ready for the next trip.

Douglas P.

Veteran Approved!

5 stars
I will be 85 in January 2020. I served in Korea when I was 16 and was wounded in both my legs. As I get older the pain in my legs increase to the point that I cannot stand or walk for long. Sometimes my legs quit with no warning. I live in a seniors home and would see some of the residents in electric wheelchairs but didn't like the look of them. I knew they would not meet my needs. My wife decided to research electric wheelchairs and came across the Travel Buggy with the help of a friend. As soon as she read me the stats on the Travel Buggy I knew it was perfect for me. Made for Canadian winters, with 12" rear wheels and power to burn. What I love is that is folds to a free standing position and fits perfectly into my vehicle. It lets me have the freedom and dignity that I haven't had for years. I was able to attend a Remembrance Day Assembly at a school where I didn't have to try and walk the halls. There is no way I can express how wonderful it feels to be able to go where and when I want. My wife and I look forward to the spring when we can take it to the MD and follow the trails as we have wanted to. We can go for walks again and enjoy being outdoors. I would recommend the Travel Buggy to anyone and have many times. Thank you, Travel Buggy, for giving me my life back. I now smile and look forward to my day. It is a buck well spent.

Mickey M.

Traveled the English Countryside with a Travel Buggy

5 stars
Its portability and ease of us has greatly our expanded our ability to travel. My wife can drive it right to the gate for a flight. The airline baggage crew storage it below and then retrieve it at our destination and it's ready to drive right off the plane. No waiting for wheelchairs from the airline or having to rely on airline staff to wheel her through the airport. One of our favorite trips was to Cornwall, England in 2019. The countryside is very hilly and without the Travel Buggy my wife would have been stuck to getting around in a car. But with the Travel Buggy she simply sat in it right outside the door of the cottage we rented in Boscastle and was able to explore not only the town but the surrounding countryside, including some of the delightful narrow lanes.

Pierre HD.

After considerable investigation, I chose Travel Buggy

5 stars
Hi everyone! I’ve had my Travel Buggy for nearly a month now and I’m a bit slow in telling the staff at Travel Buggy how much I like my Power Wheelchair because I’m having so much fun with it. It has freed me from the confines of the porch on the front of the Residence. I can now go to a Shoppers Drug Mart just down the street that carries just about everything or go shopping with my daughter to the mall or grocery store. First, I’ll tell you a bit of myself. I’m 80 years old in reasonable health with most of the aging process afflictions. I recently had an amputation of my right leg which forced me to a manual wheelchair full time. This was fine, in that it allowed some limited mobility. I am living currently in a very nice Seniors Residence with about 50 residences all with wheeled walkers. Mine is the the only Wheeled Chair. The manual wheel chair limited me to the facility and was a nuisance in going anywhere with family. The chair was difficult for me because my right arm had limited flexibility therefore very tiring if going any distance. The answer was an electric powered chair. After considerable investigation, I chose Travel Buggy because its many features like being able to fold it up easily making it suitable for Public Transport and it took minimum space in the vehicle, and was made in Canada EH ! When I ordered the Travel Buggy, it was shipped right away and we received emails giving flexibility, and tracking information right away. We (my Son-in-law and daughter) and myself, tracked every movement of my shipment from Edmonton Alberta Canada to Sarnia Ontario Canada in about five days by truck. We wondered why it took so long, but apparently the Truck driver had to stop for the call of nature and to sleep and eat once in a while (by law). My Chair arrived as promised on time to my home where it was met by my Son-in-law. He unpacked it and brought it to my Residence. He picked me up and took me to Canatara Park in Sarnia. It is a large park on Lake Huron surrounded by a village of Point Edward and Sarnia Ontario. Well, I was excited, to say the least! I saw it real for the first time and hopped (Literally) into the spanking new shinny Travel Buggy . WOW! Off I went with Son-in law on the run behind me as I zipped off to the trail that leads around about half of the park. I think the trail is maybe a couple of miles. The park has a variety of terrain varying from newly paved roads, the worn sidewalks, bumpy, dirty pathways and steep hills. What a test, and my chair zipped along just fine and obeyed the slightest movement of the control lever. It turns out, that there were quite a few people around the park that saw the Travel Buggy and knew me and phoned to say I was finally “Free at Last”. I have been out a few times on my own and got along fine. The sidewalk is quite narrow around our streets and really very bumpy and in poor shape. So I have to be very careful and not get the buggy up to flying speed. There are spots that require that I get off the sidewalk and go on the grass/lawn for safety reasons and the Buggy handles it just fine. I’m so pleased and confident with it. Now, A few problems,,,A trip that would take 7 minutes to go from my room to the dining hall now takes 15 minutes. Don’t get excited, it is NOT because of the wonderful machine BEING mechanically faulty, its because I get STOPPED to show off the Buggy and answer the strangest questions. How fast does it go? What’s the red button for? How does it fold up, It folds up, How. Is it hard to drive? And on and on. Next problem, People interrupt while I’m eating to show them something, or it needs an Air Horn they use at Hockey games (good idea sometimes). Fortunately, these inquiries have eased off. The Travel Buggy is very well made with the strongest material and unbelievable design and will last with loving care for many many years. The staff, notably Jeannie, is absolutely the most helpful business person that I have dealt with and a pleasure to do business with, especially in these days of stress and chaos.

Thank you so MUCH!

This picture was taken on a deck at Sarnia bay marina in Centennial Park which surrounds the bay . Some Apartments and the church steeple in the background. The park is a very nice place to go with the Travel Buggy.

Larry K.

The Travel Buggy has opened up my world and has given me my independence back!

5 stars
The travel buggy has opened up my world and has given me my independence back! Since getting my travel buggy I have been able to take my daughter to the park on my own. This is something that I haven't been able to do on my own. Walking long distances is really hard for me and also a huge risk of having a fall. She is 6 years old and only now am I able to take her out on my own, you could imagine how liberating that would feel for a Mother. I can't wait to take her for an ice cream and a bite to eat independently. The travel buggy has given me that opportunity! I also feel liberated because I no longer have someone pushing me around in a push chair. It has been life changing to say the least! I only wish that I would have gotten my buggy sooner. I cannot wait to be able to travel again and to be able to be independent on my vacations! There's so much to see and do and now that I have the travel buggy I know that it will make a huge and positive difference to my vacations!

Sandra P.

Freedom and ease.

5 stars
We are so grateful to have found this mobility device it has improved our quality of life substantially and given us a freedom that we had lost due to reduced stamina from illness and health and mobility changes. The chair is for my husband, but the benefits are ours together! Going for walks together or shopping are back on our radar. It has also made airport navigation and plane travel simpler and we have regained the control vs waiting for assistance from airport staff on their timeframe. We take it right to the bridge of the aircraft where they return it to us at our destination poof and we are off! It is simple to fold up and slide into any size trunk vehicle. The turning radius is tight and it maneuvers very well in tight spaces. It arrived on our doorstep in a box and within minutes it was operational Amazing game changer. Gratefully The cost which was more then reasonable comparatively speaking to other mobility devices was covered by our supplemental health trust with a simple prescription from our doctor. Happy Travel Buggy owner Pamela and Kevin.

Kevin & Pamela

I would be lost without it

5 stars
Travel Buggy has given me the freedom to maintain a descent way of life. It allows me to venture out into the community and visit the malls and supermarkets. I would be lost without it, it changed my life. My wife and I went to Cuba and was able to take the travel buggy with us. It made our trip worthwhile and I could never have done the trip without it. It made the trip a success as it allowed me to get around the resort. Thank You

Clyde H.

Riding the buggy with Grampa was so fun for a 3 year old!

5 stars
The buggy has made it easier to get into work on snowy and icy mornings. Our first big excursion was travelling to Regina to see our grandson and our new 4 month old twin granddaughters. Using the travel buggy at the airport was so helpful. We also used the travel buggy many times making endless trips to the park! And of course riding the buggy with Grampa was so fun for a 3 year old!

Jamie S.

The freedom my wife has to go out by herself that she hasn't been able to do for 12 years!!!

5 stars
So very helpful when purchasing it with all the right accessories so my wife could use the chair on days when it rains. The freedom my wife has to go out by herself that she hasn't been able to do for 12 years!!! Changed her life to gain back some independence. Thank you!!! We have traveled just to the mall so far, we do intend to travel to the USA this year to visit our son and his family.

David P.

We took it on our trip to Hawaii!

5 stars
We took it on our trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago and it navigated the ship and all the ports flawlessly. Even went through the door of the cabin without folding. We wouldn't have had such a wonderful trip without it and it is used every day with gratitude. Thank you for a fantastic product that makes life so much more enjoyable.

Jennifer M.

Went to the safari wildlife animal park in San Diego and it worked perfectly!

5 stars
The travel buggy has made my life more pleasant, I take it to the mall or bigger stores and it works amazing. The battery charge lasts a very long time I have used it several times and the battery is still full. I travelled to California by vehicle and took my travel buggy with me. My husband and I went to the safari wildlife animal park in San Diego and it worked perfectly there even climbed hills with no problem. The park is fully paved throughout and I really enjoyed myself.

Lana J.

So simple to fold and unfold

5 stars
I can go to the mall and travel now without worrying how I will get around. I took my travel buggy to Calgary on the plane. It's so simple to fold and unfold. It enabled me to enjoy things like the zoo and farmers markets. It navigates through grass, gravel, hills, fields. Turns on a dime. Just so easy to maneuver and so light weight my cousin and I can get it in and out of the car with ease.

Karen S.

She finally has freedom and independence!

5 stars
They were SO helpful in making sure everything worked out right for my 20 year old daughter to get her new and first ever electric wheelchair! It's worked like a dream. She finally has freedom and independence, thanks to this chair! The hardest thing now, will be to let her go and explore by herself. Today she went for a 10 minute venture to a store across a couple of roads by herself! I stayed home. You should have seen the pride and glow on her face as she wheeled back through the front door. This is a new life for her. No more sitting at home waiting for me to get back from work. Now she can even find work of her own! THANK YOU so much. And thank Jeannie for being so wonderfully supportive and caring too. You guys are changing lives.

Helena W.

Boardwalk in Barbados!

5 stars
Here is a video of me on the boardwalk in Barbados! It is also great for walking my dog! She's very active but not after we go for a long buggy ride, she'll sleep the whole afternoon. You've always been great with me. Thanks!

Anne R.

Did the hills at Niagara Falls with no problem

5 stars
It's an awesome machine. Goes anywhere. Grass, gravel, all kinds of terrain. Did the hills at Niagara Falls with no problem. Can't say anything negative

Lynn B.

The buggy proved to be sturdy and comfortable not to mention – kind of cool.

5 stars

We are back from vacation and the travel buggy performed well. I used the buggy through Toronto airport and right up to the plane door. Airport personnel were impressed by how easily it folded and the travel bag made it easy to handle. They wanded/swabbed the buggy going through security and I had to remove the batteries and take them into the cabin with me as carry-on.

The best thing was that I could travel independently and farther than would have been possible in a manual wheelchair. We even did 4 Km along a flat, well maintained section of the Trans Canada Trail. I haven’t been on a “hike” for years.

My son (6’2″) did the lifting and could roll it (empty) up some unexpected stairs at our Inn which would have been impossible with a full-sized electric chair. On a rainy day I used a poncho to cover me, the chair and controller – no problem. All in all it was a great success. The buggy proved to be sturdy and comfortable not to mention – kind of cool.

Thanks for all your help with all this.

Barbara N.

Another happy customer!!

5 stars
I am very pleased with the chair. Made our life much easier on our trip to Thailand. I wouldn’t have been able to see all I did without the chair. Here is a picture of me in Thailand.

Rosemarie A.

The Travel Buggy has had an invaluable impact on our lives.

5 stars
Mike was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig disease in October 2017, causing his mobility to decline progressively ever since. This past fall, despite still being able to drive, his ability to walk any distance with a walker became impossible, limiting our ability to go out to socialize or grocery shop. Our situation was further complicated by the fact that Julie is blind and a Guide dog handler, making it impossible for us to use a standard “push” style wheelchair and Mike’s arms are too weak to propel himself in a manual chair. Around this time, our friend Sue showed us her foldable, compact and powered wheelchair called The Travel Buggy, Mike was able to try it out and our decision was made to pursue purchasing one. Unfortunately, we were not in a financial position to buy one out right, but we did have private insurance available to us. The Travel Buggy Team’s willingness to facilitate this insurance process for us made the difference in our ability to obtain one. We will be forever grateful to Jeannie and her Travel Buggy Team for making this process easy, quick and dignified for us. The Travel Buggy has had an invaluable impact on our lives, particularly in our situation as a couple, it has kept us independently functional, still able to socialize in our community and given us a gratifying sense of self sufficiency. Even Julie’s Guide dog Blanco has adapted to The Travel Buggy, standing aside while Julie takes it out of our trunk. Mike plugs in his controller and off we go! We were both very surprised at how well The Travel Buggy performs in the snow and slush and how comfortable it is. The removal and recharging of the batteries and controller are so easy, even Julie can do it independently, without sight. We know that total independence will not last but we are really enjoying it while we can, thanks to The Travel Buggy. Several times every week, as we go about our business, strangers stop us to ask what Mike’s chair is called and where they can get one for a parent or family member. One man even commented, “I can say that today I have witnessed a great example of wheelchair ingenuity”. When Mike is no longer able to drive, the compact, transportability of The Travel Buggy will still allow us to easily get rides with friends, volunteers and taxis, allowing us to avoid the rough rides on our City’s Handi-Transit system buses that are hard on Mikes’ deteriorating body. We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for making the Travel Buggy available to us and for making the process so effortless and uncomplicated. It has helped us both to enjoy a higher quality of life, for a little longer and for this we say Thank You!

Mike L., Julie V. & Blanco

No more hesitation to joining my family members on outings

5 stars
I used to turn down, totally against my own desire, my kids' and grandchildren's urge to go out with them. Then later when they come back and share the experience in enthusiasm, I always swear to myself I won't miss it the next time. My first experience on my Travel Buggy City was, that it's just a bit more comfortable than a wheelchair. It was when I started to have got acquainted with the joystick of control, that I felt, what should I call it, the complete freedom. No more getting tired of, either own arms or feeling sorry for the helper, using a wheelchair; no more hesitation to joining my family members on outings, and my confidence is back that I feel I can go anywhere even with longer distance..... At 72, I feel am many years younger. My wife and children are planning to go with me for a cruise to Alaska, right after when the Covid-19 restriction is over. I can't tell you how happy I am right now.

Tony Y.

I would recommend The Travel Buggy to anyone!!

5 stars
I contacted The Travel Buggy to get a chair that would be suitable for travel as I travel with my family on vacation at least 1 time per year. I used the City model through the Detroit and Miami international airport with ease. Delta airlines personnel were impressed by how easily it folded and the travel bag made it easy to handle. All I did was remove the joystick and batteries for transport on the airplane and brought them on the plane. I was able to get from taxi to hotel and then cruise port with ease. For anyone that has been on a cruise you know that there are tight spaces and the chair really made it very easy to navigate them. I really liked the longevity of the batteries, using 7-10 km per day along with navigating the ship with lots of battery life to spare!! I have continued to use the chair with friends and family when we go for long distance outings. The Travel Buggy Team are first class people and I would recommend The Travel Buggy to anyone!!

Rob H., Paralympian

Happy customer.

5 stars

We purchased this electric wheelchair for our grandson Joey. Here are some more photos Joey on the travel buggy.

He tells me that the batteries are holding its charge very nicely , he has taken it out several times and he has not had to recharge the batteries, he thinks it’s great.
However he only has one complaint, the horn could be a little louder LOL!!

Thanks again!!

Joe A.

The Travel Buggy is incredible!

5 stars

I have the City model and it’s AWESOME!! It truly is as lightweight, easily-compactible, and versatile as the website says! I’ve taken it all over Edmonton, and even took it onto hiking trails (some paved, some not) in Jasper! And I plan on taking it to many more places! From tiny elevators to big open spaces, you can fit anywhere!

The Travel Buggy is incredible! Fantastic turning radius, more narrow than a manual wheelchair, and is very comfy!

I haven’t yet used it in the snow (we bought ours in April), but I have gotten caught in a bit of a rain with it! I was sure to cover the console and used an umbrella, and it did just fine!

I have to admit, I totally love this chair!! I am always looking for more places to take it, more adventures to experience with it. And after having it for three months now and taking it on so many different terrains and situations, I can 100% recommend it to anyone! Best price, best quality, and Canadian company!

I also wanted to mention that their customer service is absolutely stellar! The day I wanted to buy mine, the owner moved heaven and earth to get me into my chair as soon as possible. He was absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to work with!

Please give this chair a try! You’ll be so glad you did! I honestly don’t have a single complaint!

Rosie T.

Perfect for the Comic Expo.

5 stars

I suffer from what can only be described as nerve damage in my right foot which causes considerable pain especially when walking for almost any period. For long excursions such as the Comic Expo, a regular wheelchair just couldn’t cut it with having to wheel myself or having someone else wheel me around. Just didn’t seem right. So I did
an internet search and it led me to Travel Buggy. Found out it was local and amazingly affordable compared to many other options. That and the chair power was amazing as the batteries last around 8 hours of use. I was able to once again go to a number of functions in minimal discomfort as opposed to not going due to extreme pain. The chair is light enough for me to manage and zips around very nicely. I believe anyone looking for a power chair won’t find a better one.

Lee W.

The Travel Buggy is an AWESOME product!

5 stars

If it can survive a camping trip with some of my grandchildren, it can handle every day life. They challenged me to races with their bikes, on gravel, grass and uneven ground and the buggy performed splendidly (once I got the hang of the joy stick).  On my return I spoke to one of my good friends about the power chair and I just got an email saying they had ordered one.

Thanks again,

Patricia G.

I have found that the City wheelchair has really helped me get out.

5 stars

I have found that the City wheelchair has really helped me get out. It will go almost anywhere I have wanted to go. It handles steep hills in town and allowed me to go to the zoo. I have taken it on the train several times to Edmonton and Winnipeg. Thanks so much. Here is me at the zoo.

John R.

Thanks again for your help!

5 stars

I’ve been tried without success to have the City of Toronto and the University I attend to regularly clear the snow on the paths I need to use to get to the Law School. With my manual chair, I couldn’t get to class independently on a regular basis; I had to rely on friends to push me through the snow. This chair has helped a lot— while there are still some days that the City/University has not cleared the snow at ALL, most days I can get through the amount of snow, where I wasn’t able to with my manual chair. Having the Travel Buggy means I can be a lot more independent, and takes away some of the stress of planning out my days to figure out who can help get me to class!

Ali I.

The chair has allowed me freedom and independence.

5 stars

I wanted the chair to give me mobility to go shopping, using the chair from my car, and taking the chair with me when flying. The chair meets all of these requirements and has allowed me freedom and independence.

Alder C.

For my Wife

5 stars
It has allowed my wife to participate in outings that she would not have been able to do without the travel buggy.

Alan S.

I can’t say enough about this chair!

5 stars

I just would like to keep you two up to speed on our Travel Buggy. We went to Palm Springs I used it every day we were there it is really a Gods sent it works so well no problems what so ever I had strong people with us that could put it in & out of the van. Veteran Affairs Canada has paid for it plus will pay for a lift so all I have to do is push a button no lifting will be required. I have had a lot of people ask me about it and recommend it to all.

My grandson also wanted to mention for the review that the chair worked great from the family’s view. Very easy and no worries about possible falls. Flying with the chair made life so easy, I was able to drive it right to the gate and when we landed in Calgary, I drove from the door of the plane right to the car.

Gord K.

He's just "gone" all the time - off to Tim Horton's, grocery store and more!

5 stars
Denis had a stroke in 2007. Over time he has lost the ability to use the right side of his body, including his leg. We purchased the travel buggy about 4 years ago. It has made a world of difference. He's just "gone" all the time - off to Tim Horton's, grocery store and more! He's even gone ice fishing! He has independence when we are out. No more people trying to help by pushing him (in his manual chair) where they want to go. For me, it's light enough to lift and put in the car. It's opened up our local "world" to us. We can go places together and do things separately. With the travel buggy we've been able to go to Ottawa Senators hockey games "Go Sen!" . Each year we go to a cottage. Denis has complete independence to "stroll" through the park and I can stay at the cottage, relaxing and reading a book!

Ann and Denis

I was looking for something that was durable, could fit in my wife's car trunk, and lots of had accessories

5 stars
I had graduated from a walker to a wheelchair after two years with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) I love traveling, so I went looking for a portable electric wheelchair. There are several on the market that were less expensive than the Travel Buggy, but I was looking for something that was durable, could fit in my wife's car trunk, had accessories. I travel through our town in my Travel Buggy I nicknamed "Gizmo". We have plans of having our Family Reunion in July 2021.

Steve D.

Easier to use than my mobility scooter!

5 stars
It is much easier to use than my mobility scooter and much easier to transport. Have a cruise planned involving land sea and air travel booked for next year.

Roy W.

The Travel Buggy allows my husband much more freedom and ease of use for him is wonderful.

5 stars
The Travel Buggy allows my husband much more freedom and ease of use for him is wonderful. Weight and it’s ability to fold up easily is great for me. Unfortunately we have not had the chance to actually travel anywhere yet, because of COVID. Have used it just in our local city travels so far. Can’t wait to actually take it on a planned holiday.

Shannon R.

Like rolling on a cloud!

5 stars
I love my Travel Buggy, its amazing how comfortable It is, like rolling on a cloud. I look forward to go on my next trip with It.

Lise B.

Inside it works great!

5 stars
I haven't gone outside yet as there is far too much snow. However inside it works great!

Len J.

We use it every weekend on trips to our cabin

5 stars
Love it. It is small and portable. We use it every weekend on trips to our cabin in the U.S. Every year we take a cruise. The Travel Buggy is great at airports and wonderful on a cruise ship. It is sturdy, yet small enough to fit in small aisles and walkways. Great for sightseeing and shopping. I highly recommend it.

Charlene G.


5 stars

Acquired my new best friend in November 2017. We have been all over Europe, Scotland, Portugal, Spain Majorca. This summer through the Rockies Banff, Jasper even up the ski lifts in Banff and Jasper one quick flip and on to the gondola and up to the top drive around the top oh the freedom.

The wheelchair was acceptable on all types of transportation trains in Majorca to buses in all the Countries. Cruise ships no problem do not need special cabins as the wheelchair fits in no problem fold and charges. Even on small island ferries.

Airports takes a little longer to negotiate at the desk, questions what type of batteries are in the wheelchair. Get the carrying bag for the batteries then you can drive right up to the entrance of the plane take the batteries out and store with your hand luggage over head your wheel chair will be at the door when you disembarked easy.

Wheelchair is in the van where do we go next? Freedom.

Thank you for your attention to all the little details, and your excellent service.

Bob D.

Our Travel Buggy (City Model) has changed our Winter and I’m sure it will change our Spring, Summer and Fall.

5 stars

Denis, my husband and a stroke survivor, was “trapped” in our home during the Winter as navigating snow, snow banks and ruts made it impossible to go anywhere with his manual chair; and that was just to get to the car!  In parallel to purchasing the Travel Buggy we had an outdoor lift installed.  Together, Denis can now get himself to the car while I lock up the house.

The fact that I, a 5’ nothing female of 55+ years, can easily get the Travel Buggy into the back of our car means that the we can go anywhere we want to go; and when we get there Denis is independent to go wherever he wants, as quickly as he wants.  It’s liberating for both of us!

I spent a lot of time reviewing and assessing the merits of portable electric wheelchairs.  There are a number of similarities; but for me, buying Canadian and supporting Canadian business is a key factor in all my purchases.  In addition, the Travel Buggy (City Model) came out on top of my research based on:

  • Dimensions in relation to narrow doorways and the trunk size of our car
  • Travel distance on a single charge
  • Battery type
  • Weight (remember I’m 5’ nothing and 55+ years old)
  • Solid tires (no more rubber tubes, patching glue and grease!)

Since receiving our Travel Buggy (City Model) I’ve discovered even more features and benefits:

  • Folding the wheelchair is simple – just unlatch a single leaver and with a little push on the backrest, the chair folds up
  • The charger is small, like a laptop battery charger, it fits in the pouch attached under the seat – it goes everywhere with the chair and can be plugged into any regular outlet (though we have never had to recharge it when out)
  • The backrest and seat support can be tensioned for Denis’ comfort
  • The armrests can be raised out of the way when Denis transfers to and from the chair.

Denis doesn’t know it yet, but come the warm weather, I’m putting his newfound freedom to “work” – odd jobs in the yard, and taking the garbage out for the first time in 10 years!  I know that come the warm weather, Denis will be off, traveling, and exploring the neighborhood.  I think I’ll need to buy him a watch so he can tell when it’s time to come home!

In all seriousness, the outcome of Denis’s stroke affected both of us; adding a complexity to our freedom.  That complexity is now easily manageable because of The Travel Buggy.  Thank you!

Ann S.

Certainly lives up to my expectations.

5 stars

Thought you might want to know that the Buggy arrived yesterday (a day early!) and I am very impressed! Easy to unpack, open up and get ready to ride.  It is also a nice looking chair which certainly lives up to my expectations. I took a couple of test runs yesterday evening and will probably give it a proper road test today and take my dog for a walk for the first time for a long time (don’t worry he gets lots of walks, just not with me lol).

Really impressed with the speed (certainly faster than expected) and responsiveness of the joystick – it also appears to be quite comfortable to ride and has plenty of butt room! Please accept my thanks for making the acquisition of something I hoped I would never need, at least a pleasant experience.  Your customer service was outstanding and something we don’t see too often these days! Please never change that aspect of your company because it is something that sets you apart from other companies – now that I have my Buggy I can tell you that a US company was also on my short list and offered a similar chair at a ‘better’ price.  I asked them some of the same questions I asked you (e.g. test drives and return policy) and their arrogant unprofessional responses, coupled with their terrible return policy, was what eliminated them from my consideration. So keep it up!

Pete M.

I have found it to be great; much more comfortable than I had expected.

5 stars

We purchased the City Travel Buggy with 12-inch wheels about 9 months ago and we love it!  We bought it for our 15-year old daughter who has a fatiguing condition and needs a wheelchair for walking long distances or in situations where there is a lot of standing.  I have ME/CFS too and have borrowed her Travel Buggy quite a bit too.

We have used it in several Canadian cities outside on sidewalks, driveways, etc. as well as inside many buildings. We have used it at a music festival with grassy fields, sandy areas, and lots of hoses and electrical cords to go over. We live on a small island so the Travel Buggy has also been taken on a small boat and driven on hard packed gravel and grass with no problems. The travel buggy is very easy to use, and has a great turning radius which makes it easy to use in smaller spaces such as stores, elevators, and buses.  We have used it all day and it has not run out of power.

In deciding on the Travel Buggy, my daughter trialed it and a couple other electric wheelchairs with her Occupational Therapist. They concluded that the benefits of this chair far outweigh the slight difference in comfort levels especially considering my daughter can get up out of it once every hour or two. I have found it to be great; much more comfortable than I had expected.

The thing that first drew our attention to the Travel Buggy is the fact that is folds like a stroller and is therefore much easier to travel with than my travel mobility scooter (which does come apart but is very heavy and takes up a lot of space in a vehicle).  The Travel Buggy is also a little lighter than the pieces of my travel mobility scooter so a little easier to lift for our support people. It is quite easy for an adult or youth of fair health to lift the folded unit into the back of a vehicle (we recommend using a small strap around the back rest and footrest to maintain the folded position). We have now taken the Travel Buggy in all kinds of vehicles: our van, wheelchair taxi, regular taxi, car, city bus, seaplane, regular plane, BC ferry, and of course our boat.  It is so great to know that we can take it without having to arrange special wheelchair accessible transportation. We are currently planning a trip to Mexico and are looking forward to using it there.

We have had success with Canadian airlines allowing use of the chair right up to the door of the plane, and the chair has held up great to that kind of stowage.

For those considering the Travel Buggy vs a mobility scooter, I can say that I have used a 4 wheeled mobility scooter for a number of years and quite liked it until I had the chance to use the Travel Buggy. I prefer the Travel Buggy primarily because it is so much easier to navigate space with its smaller turning radius, plus it is possible to fold it and carry it in almost any vehicle.  All this without losing the ability to travel over different kinds of terrain and having a good long range.

Finally, we have to commend The Travel Buggy for outstanding customer service. Our purchase was complicated by insurance requirements (including evaluation by an occupational therapist), and the company supported us through all of it.

Thanks so much!

Wendy M.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am!

5 stars

I’ve received my travel buggy, city lite, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! I’ve been living with myalgic encephalomyilitis for the last three years, and I’m basically home bound. Well, not anymore! For the last three days, I’ve been out every day. Not for long, of course, but out, and all by myself.

Thanks a lot.


I use my travel buggy to get to and from dialysis

5 stars
I use my travel buggy to get to and from dialysis where my wife drops me off and picks me up. I am normally very weak after dialysis and I can’t believe how much this has helped my journey from the dialysis unit to where my wife picks me up. She is 65 years old and has gotten quite adept at folding it up and taking it in and out of the vehicle. I love my travel buggy.

Art J.

I was able to zip down small some streets, go on a walking tour and enjoy visiting sites I never thought I would be able to.

5 stars
I have owned and loved my travel buggy for a couple of years now. It has made traveling with my husband and by myself, so much easier and enjoyable. Being able to take it right to the gate, and having it brought to me as I exit the plane by staff who are always thrilled by how easy it is for them to fold up and move is a delight. 2019 was wonderful as I traveled to Barcelona, where I was able to zip down small some streets, go on a walking tour and enjoy visiting sites I never thought I would be able to. We then rented a car, put it in the trunk and drove to a village in France meeting up with family. We have plans for Florence as soon as this dreadful pandemic allows us to travel again!

Jocelyn W.

No problems!

5 stars
Owned city model since January 2018. GREAT no problems and am in retirement home and has proven to be totally reliable

Frank P.

This wheelchair has been so incredibly wonderful!

5 stars

This wheelchair has been so incredibly wonderful! All the claims that you give about it, i.e. the folding ability, the ease of operation etc. are all true! I love it! It is a delight to ride in and feel independent once again. Thank you for the adjustments, your patience, and the amazing product that you delivered.

Joan K.

Thanks again for giving me my mobility back.

5 stars
My husband has recurring lung cancer and is going through chemo again. His Travel Buggy makes him one happy camper. Gives him some freedom. Thank you – Judy The Travel Buggy is a treat to drive. Everything works great and I get some looks and questions about the chair. Thanks again for giving me my mobility back – Clyde

Clyde & Judy H.

5 Stars to your service and 5 Stars to the Travel Buggy.

5 stars

We received our unit in mid December 2017. It was ordered for my 92-year-old father. He can still walk, but at a snails pace to say the least.

The Travel Buggy arrived as promised and was very well packaged for its protection. After taking it out of the box, it took just minutes to set up and it was ready to be charged. The following day, I loaded it into the car and took it to my father. As advertised, it folds up easy and is easy to load into the car. After showing him how to operate the controls, he practiced in his hallway at his complex for 10 to 15 minutes – that was all the practice he needed.

He doesn’t use it all the time but he loves it and so do we. Now, taking him to the mall or Walmart is a joy. He stays right with the traffic flow and motors around people just like he walking in the old days. He is looking forward to spring so he can go outside more. Now we will be able to take him to the parks and the lake with ease. I’m not sure his Grand Kids or Great Grand Kids will be able to keep up with him!

The Travel Buggy’s mobility makes him feel like he is part of the group again. We have a trip planned to the USA this summer with him. He will be able to get around with ease. This will make life a lot easier for all of us.

Thank you again.

Dick R.

Thank you for a great product!

5 stars

I purchased the Travel Buggy City Model and am very happy with it. It is easy to use and my hubby doesn’t have any trouble getting it in and out of the car. It is very sturdy and I am looking forward to traveling with it. It is also an attractive machine. We have had enquiries about where we got it, as there seems to be many others that need an alternative to the big machines that require a ramp. My only complaint is that the seat could have a better quality memory foam as I need to spend quite a few hours sitting in it. Perhaps a key lock would be good as if you were to leave it for any reason, it could be easily stolen.

Donna D.

I used The Travel Buggy in my recent flight and trip to Toronto and it worked very well.

5 stars

Hi, I used The Travel Buggy in my recent flight and trip to Toronto and it worked very well. Some of the accessories such as the cane holder and cup holder did not work that well, largely because of the curved bars on the hand rests. Other wise it worked great. I had several people looking at it and taking pictures, so you may get some additional business from my trip.

Ron I.

You will not be disappointed with this wheelchair.

5 stars

I have degenerative disease that is slowly crippling my body and walking for even periods of time causes me severe pain in my feet. I researched all the different travel portable electric wheelchairs and decided on the travel buggy because of the size of the back tires and front, portability, and many other options. I bought the city model. The owner was super friendly and helpful and to be able to speak to someone that wasn’t a main call center out of country like some of the other models I inquired about, was a huge bonus. I needed it for my cruise and it arrived on time as promised, and I am beyond happy with it. It is absolutely is a well made product, it has great speed, turning radius was phenomenal and easily maneuverable in tight spots, the arm rests lift up and I was able to pull up to the table for dinner each night, It went up and down ramps with no hesitation, I was able to go over curbs, and bumpy roads, with no problems. It cruises at a nice speed, I was able to ditch my husband a few times. 😉 The batteries held a charge for almost 3 full days of me steady using it. It charges fast. The best part is I was able to drive it right to the plane. It folded easy for them to take down the ramp and store upright. Lastly, it fits in the trunk of my 2010 Honda Civic Sedan easily.

I received all kinds of compliments on it. Best purchase.

Melissa K.

Thanks to the Travel Buggy people!

5 stars

I saw my neighbour down the hall from me driving a travel buggy and I thought it would be good for me too. I called and asked for a wider version than my neighbours. I spoke to the owner Paul and he told me no problem and had it made for me. Since it was custom I had to wait about four weeks, but that was ok. I really like it. It’s cold here now so haven’t got it outside much but works nice inside up and down the halls and over the door frames. I use it as a walking assistant and when I get tired I can sit in it and use it as a power chair. One thing I would like to see is a handle bar at the back that would help me walk behind it more easily and give me some space from the back. Other than that, its great.

David F.

I really feel like I have so much more independence now with it.

5 stars

I just want to let u know that I received my chair about a month ago in Ontario.  I absolutely LOVE it!! I wish I had it long ago. It is so much better than driving a scooter and I love how easy it is to turn. My main reason for getting it was for my friends to be able to take me out. I haven’t tried yet to see if they can lift it. But with 2 people I am sure they will be able to. It took a bit of practice for me not to run into racks at the store….lol…  It is just so wonderful and I love the colour of it. Thank you so much for making something so wonderful !

Anne K.

It made the trip great for both of us

5 stars
We used our travel buggy on a cruise to Alaska, we could not have taken the trip without it. It made the trip great, and was so easy to take with us and use on the trip. We used it all over the boat and on the shore trips and never had a problem. It made the trip great for both of us . We had lots of comments on the buggy every were we went. and we thank the people at travel buggy for that. It is worth ever cent we payed for it. and is so easy to use. Thankyou for a great product. My wife uses the travel buggy on trips to see the family, I am retired and the buggy is easy for me to handle in and out of the car. We are both happy to have it.

Sharon C.

I absolutely love this travel buggy.

5 stars

I’m so pleased that I made the leap to purchase. I’m zipping around quite nicely and it easily goes inside any car to transport and make mobility a non issue for me. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this.

Hugh J.

My brother is loving his new modern power chair!

5 stars

We couldn’t be happier with your excellent product. It is a super smooth ride and so very easy to use. Whenever we go out, the chair gets a lot of looks and anyone who asks, we are pleased to direct them to your Canadian website. No duties to pay and prompt delivery. Your company is committed to excellent customer satisfaction from beginning to end. Thank you for your stellar service.

With great appreciation,

Shirley C.

I can manage my life so much better!

5 stars
I love my chair. It let’s me feel like I can manage my life so much better. Getting out and doing things that I really need to do. Without feeling scared of falling.

Jerry G.

Love, love, love my travel buggy.

5 stars

It’s given me the freedom to do things and go places that I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. I encourage anyone who’s thinking of buying one to contact Paul. He’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you’re completely satisfied before purchasing your own chair. It’s also a big plus that you are supporting a Canadian owned company.

With many thanks,

Joan R.

The chair itself worked extremely well for me during the trip.

5 stars

We used it for the first time traveling to the US with Delta, everything went well with the airline and the chair itself worked extremely well for me during the trip. I should have had some information on the buggy though because I was asked about it a lot. I made up a sticker to go on the back of my business cards with your information on it for people. It was quite the conversation starter.

My wife and Daughter also saw them at the Calgary Zoo as rentals yesterday, what a great idea.

Mine is getting some good use.

Thanks again,

John & Dianne M.

What a marvel!

5 stars

I took my scooter out for a test drive at the Ex, and I couldn’t believe how long I was able to stay there, because 1) I was having fun!, and 2) I didn’t hurt anywhere. I would (and will) recommend the scooter to anyone. It’s amazing! My roomie has been contemplating one too.

Thanks so much for all your help. I’m going to be able to a lot more fun now!

Margaret H.

It improves all of our lives.

5 stars
The Travel Buggy Electric Wheelchair has improved my life.

Iam P.

Battery life is amazing!

5 stars
I purchased the Travel buggy for two reasons; 1 – In order to park in my garage I need to back in with passenger side right against the garage wall. This meant I required lift/crane via sliding door behind the driver. The only one that would work had a 75lb weight limit. The travel buggy only weighs 60lbs which was perfect. Installed it all and it all works perfectly. We can now park both vehicles in the garage. 2 – To use it to travel to Mexico and wherever. I wanted an electric wheelchair in order to improve my mobility and independence while on vacation. We are back from our trip to Mexico and the travel buggy was great. I used the buggy through the airport and right up to the plane door. I had to remove the batteries and took them into the cabin with me as carry-on. Airport staff were impressed by how easily it folded and the travel bag I purchased for the batteries made it easy to handle. This way I did not have to rent a wheelchair while in Mexico. I had to get the hotel to provide an extension cord in order to charge the chair. The buggy was great on the vacation the transport porters had no problem loading the buggy one we folded it. The best thing was that I could travel independently and farther than would have been possible in a manual wheelchair. The battery life is amazing, we can go for long walks and never drain the battery. It also charges very fast.

James U.

Offers Her Comfort and Safety

5 stars
My mother had a leg amputated and uses her Travel Buggy to facilitate her movements. The format of the chair, very close to that of her adapted chair, offers her comfort and safety when traveling. We are very satisfied with the functionality of this chair, not to mention its easy storage in the trunk of a car for more distant trips.

François P.

Shipped Right Away

5 stars
Quick and easy....shipped right away!

Glenn B.

Went to Portugal with my Travel Buggy

5 stars
I remember I saw the chair at a show. After I purchased it I went on a trip to Portugal. Worked great, even got a "bumper sticker"

Matthew M.

Thank you for your amazing customer service!

5 stars
I love my travel buggy. Thank you for your amazing customer service. I wrote a review but I could of gone on & on at how thrilled I am with it. It also gives my husband more freedom when we are out together. No more pushing a manual wheelchair. No need for my scooter anymore. The travel buggy goes where I go. Thanks again for doing your part in selling these amazing wheelchairs.

Brenda W.

My Travel Buggy has made a significant impact on my life. It enables me go places and do things that I otherwise would not have the ability.

5 stars
My Travel Buggy has made a significant impact on my life. It enables me go places and do things that I otherwise would not have the ability. The greatest feature of the char is it's portability. It easily folds up and fits in the trunk of my car. Now, going to the mall or attending church is a pleasure. The batteries are easy to remove and a single charge last for months. The quality construction gives me peace of mind that my Travel Buggy will last for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend Travel Buggy without reservation. Last fall I took it on an airplane. My Travel Buggy performed flawlessly. The batteries are easy to remove and the chair folds up to the size of a large suitcase and is very convenient to transport. My Travel Buggy makes flying and vacationing a real breeze.

Michael D.

Significantly improved the quality of her life

5 stars
Great customer service, first buggy sent had a problem with the battery casing. entire unit was replaced at no cost to us. My wife who uses the buggy is very comfortable and the ease of portability has significantly improved the quality of her life. Thanks Travel Buggy

Arnold L.

Acquired another Travel Buggy for myself

5 stars
My wife has been an owner of a Travel Buggy for about 3 years now, so I am quite familiar with the product. Unfortunately, I acquired a muscular disease. I decided right away to acquire another Travel Buggy for myself.

Robert M.

It has really helped me.

5 stars
It has really helped me. With travel buggy I can travel anywhere I want.

Hardev B.

Whoever came up with this design really does deserve a medal

5 stars
A few years ago I started to lose my mobility, slowly but surely. Happened to see an ad for The Travel Buggy, gave it a great deal of thought, and finally went with it, the deciding factor being the free trial period. The City Lite model seemed best suited to my needs so ordered that one, and have never regretted it. Shipment was prompt, assembly was minimal and instructions were clear and easy for me to follow. This electric chair is well made, sturdy and strong yet comfortable, easy to maneuver, has good response, good speed, turns on a dime, simple to fold up to the size of a pull-behind suitcase, and the lighter weight means I can get it in and out of the trunk of my car by myself with no need to pester anyone, which is very convenient and also very important to me. And it's reliable. In the approximately 5 years that I've had the chair there has been no issues, no problems of any kind, and it has allowed me to regain a great deal of independence. This company has excellent customer service, prompt, courteous and friendly, and I highly recommend both the product and the company. Somebody was thinking! And deserves some kind of award for it, in my opinion. I moved to a smaller house that has four steps up to the front door, with a small landing, no ramp. Which leaves me with no option but to fold up the chair and park it on the landing just inside the back door, at least until the battery is no longer in danger of freezing at night. I was all prepared to wrestle with a wrench in an awkward place, and practice a few choice cuss words at the same time, to see how I could just take out the battery and not have to deal with getting the whole chair in and out over the one step. Well, you can pick me up from where I collapsed from shock. I pull the plug, grab the neat little handle, slide the battery out and walk away? It's that simple? In this day and age when you can't even buy a washing machine without 43 cycles? You're kidding me! Whoever came up with that really does deserve a medal. Wonderful! And very much appreciated! Just had to let you know.

Florence L.

It’s a marvelous design!

5 stars
We bought the Travel buggy three years ago. We have had no problems with it. My wife loves it. It has given her the freedom to get out again, shopping, visiting, going to restaurants, Dr appointments. This chair weighs about 55lbs. It folds up very easy and transport in any car. The machine is not bulky or conversing it fits through doorways and aisles in the smallest of shops this machine is really a godsend for me. You will not be disappointed with the Travel Buggy. It’s a marvelous design.

Stephen C.

Freedom to do

5 stars
Gives you great freedom to do things you could not do before. Freedom to travel independently.

Walter M.

To the Travel Buggy team, and your product, thanks for giving freedom back to my Father.

5 stars
Well, with all that my father had endured through 2020, the one thing that put him back on track, no pun intended was the travel buggy, his freedom was restored and gave him bigger idea's to get back on the road. My parents were world travellers in every sense of the word, and with the travel buggy it gave my father hope that he could continue to do so. When my father passed from this life to be with his soul mate of 72 years, he held onto his travel dreams right to the very end, god rest his soul. So to the staff, and your product, thanks for giving freedom back to my father. The smile on my father's face was worth every few miles he got in the captains chair. unfortunately, destinations were small, but his dreams were huge. there is no photo history of this journey, but wished there was.

Mark O.

The Travel Buggy chair gives us a lot of autonomy

5 stars
The Travel Buggy chair gives us a lot of autonomy, it allows us to go out to take walks near our home, as everywhere else with other people. It's about putting it in the trunk of the car and using it wherever we want. Having our chair since the summer of 2020 during the pandemic, we have visited in the region, the members of the family in a safe way and allowed in time, in order to show them our new acquisition.

Alain S.

I like it a lot!

5 stars
This chair is very useful to me I like it a lot

Michel B.

I wanted an electric chair that would follow me everywhere in all my activities and excursions, I am fulfilled!

5 stars
I wanted an electric chair that would follow me everywhere in all my activities and excursions, I am fulfilled! I can move around freely on relatively uneven trails and terrain (at the chalet). And I find the joystick a "must". I have traveled to several Quebec parks, in order to know the limits and conditions of the device, and I am considering a trip to Costa Rica as soon as the pandemic has passed, because the chair will be perfect.

Jean-Marc B.

The BEST thing we have EVER purchased!

5 stars
It is the best thing we have ever purchased easy to fold and to transport my wife loves it she has her mobility back thanks to the travel buggy. We only make trips to the hospital and shopping trips but we get a lot of people asking where we got it so we refer everyone to Travel Buggy we can!

Timothy A.

Love how the buggy folds up so compact.

5 stars
I take my travel buggy to Walmart for shopping. One day while there I pulled over in the aisle to let a lady pass by. I didn’t realize that my buggy’s fender had caught onto a laundry basket on the shelf. As I took off again my chair cleared off nearly 6 feet of shelving. Once I realized what had happened I had to decide whether to clean up the mess or make a break for the other side of the store. It amazing how fast the buggy goes at full speed. I have traveled up island for doctors appointments. Love how the buggy folds up so compact. I had a wheelchair prior to the buggy and it took up more room in my vehicle.

Scott L.

Enjoying the mobility

5 stars
Enjoying the mobility with my electric wheelchair. Travel to the store and go for rides/walk with my wife to the malls and around the block.

Gerald T.

Everywhere I take it people ask me about it!

5 stars
I love my Travel Buggy. Everywhere I take it people ask me about it and I am glad to tell them. I think a few people I have told about the Travel Buggy have purchased one themselves. I traveled with our daughter, son in law and grandson. I was able to go places with them and my grandson rode with me as well he loves it too!

Dilys B.

So much easier around the house

5 stars
The Travel Buggy makes it so much easier around the house right now. We have not had it outside yet, but we are looking forward to get out in our vehicle and trying it outside.

Ray W.

No more specialty ride service with my power chair, I can now travel in a car!

5 stars
It is a life saver. I used to have to use a specialty ride service with my old power chair. I can now travel in a car! I am looking forward to this summer to travel.

Bob S.

It folded up nicely into my car trunk

5 stars
My walking disability reached the point where I could not walk the 1500’ dock to my boat. My travel buggy made that easy, as it folded up nicely into my car trunk, and easily handled the slope of the dock ramp. Other than that, it also handles moving about on our property checking on my fruit trees.

Ron V.

The number one thing that stands out the most about the chair is the staff and unparalleled service I received from them.

5 stars
Since my failed spinal surgery’s I have major pain and need the chair to take as much weight as possible off my spine to be mobile. It can’t help with that but certainly helps me be mobile in the most comfort as possible when it’s absolutely needed to leave my bed to get somewhere. The chair is greatly appreciated by my wife who finds it easier to load and assemble for outings due to its simplistic transforming features to lighten it as well as using the ramps we also got. I’d have to say the number one thing that stands out the most about the chair is the staff and unparalleled service I received from them. It’s definitely given us piece of mind and security knowing this buggy can meet our needs and has such an accommodating staff. Thank you.

Scott T.

Mexico was a Piece of Cake!

5 stars
I use mine everyday as I can't use manual chairs due to my shoulder issues. It is the one of the few which is less than 60lbs so I can crane it into my van behind the driver seat. I use and abuse it and it just works. I have rolled it and you just put it back on its wheels and go.. I taken it on tris to Mexico several times and it was a breeze. The batteries last a long time between charges. I use it everyday day it is the best lightweight electric wheelchair. I have to have my wheelchair load via the driver side door which has a weight restriction which the travel buggy meets. This allows me to drive and park both of our vehicles in the garage. Thanks

James U.

Fits in the store aisles

5 stars
I have taken it into town several times. no problems, fits in the store aisles so I can zip around and get my shopping done.

Rusty G.

It has become my very best friend.

5 stars
I am absolutely in love with my Travel Buggy. It has become my very best friend. Im waiting for warm weather to travel to Butchart Gardens in Victoria. It takes me everywhere locally. Definitely love this precious transportation. Out of the SUV and away we go !!!

Shirley W.

Opened up the great outdoors and lots of adventurers with our grandchildren

5 stars
The Travel Buggy has opened up the great outdoors and lots of adventurers with our grandchildren that would have been very challenging or impossible using a cane or walker. Lots of interest and some inquiries from folks when it’s being folded or unfolded, love promoting the Travel Buggy!

Brenda L.

Great investment

5 stars
Great investment & invention by the creator and/or inventor of the product.

Severo A.

It is excellent

5 stars
It is excellent everybody ask me where I buy this chair. I was in hospital last week and lot of people ask me some questions about my Travel Buggy

Rene D.

Service called us back in 10 minutes on a Saturday!

5 stars
As a Handi cap ...For me to get out, my wife always takes me shopping & or when travelling, at which she has always pushing me around in my transfer chair. But as she is getting older, we have been researching for a new light weight, fold up power wheelchair.. We found some portable power wheelchairs were to heavy to lift into our SUV but most importantly did not come with a lithium - ion battery for (air) travel, which would be an added extra cost. However we were (by accident) to find a dealer that let us use a Travel Buggy on a weekend trial. Into the second day trial, the power cut out. We then phoned the 1-888 “Travel Buggy” Support , Service line. Being Saturday we did not expect much as were told they would return our call. To our surprise we got a return call with in 10 to 15 minutes. At which we were first directed to check the connection to the controller . At which we found it was a loose connection, at which we promptly fixed. With that kind of excellent service support ,including being light weight, coming with a lithium - ion battery for airline travel & a great 2 yr motor warranty....had us reviewing which model suited our needs. Upon using the Travel Buggy The ease of taking out the batteries for air travel, including the simplicity & ease of folding up the chair to load & store into our SUV was exactly what we were looking for. We also found the comfortable ride is most noticeable when riding on uneven walk ways (paving stone) The turning radius is unbelievably easy maneuvering around tight spots including in home use. The solid construction & durability is definitely a must for bigger people like myself. I highly recommend the “Travel Buggy” to everybody................. Thanks Travel Buggy

Bob Y.

This is by far the best electric wheelchair available

5 stars
This is by far the best electric wheelchair available - and I definately/highly suggest it to anyone who is looking for a reliable chair. I not only now it in my home, going from room to room, I use it when I go outside for a walk with my dog, to do all my errands (easy to put in and out of my car - with a bit of help of course as 50lbs is still a bit much but not compared to my other chair) and for any other occasion I need it.. I look forward to bringing it on vacation with me once the pandemic is over! Thanks to all of you at Travel Buggy!!!

Jennifer B.


5 stars
I travelled to Iowa for a 2 day vacation and my Travel Buggy performed excellent!!

Heracles C.

Happy Wife

5 stars
Great service and very understanding responds quickly to queries. My wife loves it.

Hubert P.

Easy to fold up to put in the car

5 stars
The service was super. The travel buggy is really light, Easy to fold up to put in the car. I am super happy with my purchase

Caroline G.

Enjoy if you need one you won't be disappointed

5 stars
I really like the travel buggy. I can transport myself without having anyone push me in a wheelchair. I can't travel but I am sure it does what the advertisements indicate that you can fold and put in an airplane.

Enjoy if you need one you won't be disappointed.

Domenico D.

My Travel Buggy arrived on time

5 stars
Best Customer Service! Jeannie made it all happen and have my travel buggy to be here on time. Thank you!

Emmanuel R., Nevada

Good round the house and yard.

5 stars
Great machine my wife likes the independence round the house and yard. Have to get use to the joystick around the house in low speed a little touchy but that being said it's great thank you.

Jim C.

My wife is VERY happy to be out of the house.

5 stars
Nice travel chair. Great for the small town we live in. Rode around 4th of July events. Had plenty of power and battery held up and had lots left after 4 miles of cruising around. My wife is VERY happy to be out of the house. Fairly easy to load into the car. My car has flat loading. No lip to lift over. All around great and happy to be out again.

Steve T.

I am myself an industrial designer and I must recognize the high quality of this product.

5 stars
I have had my City Plus 2 motorized wheelchair from Travel Buggy for 1 month now and I am completely delighted! I am myself an industrial designer and I must recognize the high quality of this product. They have thought of everything! The engineering of this power chair has been thought out to the smallest detail and the result is incredible!

Daniel G.

I would definitely recommend the Travel Buggy.

5 stars
I found the Travel Buggy to been made very well. It has loads of power and it's convenient as it folds up easily to slide right into my car trunk. I would definitely recommend the Travel Buggy.


5 stars

Took it to Mexico for Dad’s 94th birthday

5 stars
Dad got this chair and it is superb. Have gone for a ride across town, been out for 3 hours, excellent performance. Also took it to Mexico for Dad’s 94th birthday- right up the ramp to the door of the plane. Absolutely love the mobility it has given dad. Heading off for an Alaskan cruise with it this week. He is still getting accustomed to the joystick- didn’t play enough video games I guess.

Lori B.

Their customer service is second to none.

5 stars
As always, their customer service is second to none. Highly recommend this company


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